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About CMAP Interpretative Services

CIS offers a physician driven, single specialty service for the evaluation of soft tissue injury presenting in a CMAP test.

The CMAP test is based on innovative technology which provides objective data about pathology of soft tissues as well as data on a patient’s range of motion (ROM) and strength (or functional capacity/FC).

During a CMAP test, the performance of muscles is recorded bilaterally while the patient is in motion. The dynamic testing of neuromuscular performance allows CIS physicians to evaluate whether a muscle is firing normally or if it demonstrates abnormal pathology consistent with acute or chronic injury.

As a result, CIS physicians are able to make an assessment of whether soft tissue injury many have contributed to any suboptimal performance during ROM or strength/FC testing.

About CIS Group

CMAP Interpretive Services (CIS) is a group of physicians who are uniquely trained and specialize in interpreting data gathered by the CMAPPro™ device.

The team of doctors is led by a physician who is board certified in various disciplines including Internal, Emergency and Forensic Medicine.

CIS physicians are licensed to practice medicine in multiple states across the US.

The information contained in a CMAP report can be used to:
  • Confirm or refute diagnoses considered
  • Assist in revealing possible alternative diagnoses which may be added to the differential
  • Help develop and adjust treatment plans which are more precisely targeted to the injured muscles
  • Collect evidence of maximal medical improvement (MMI) or permanent and stationary (P&S) status
  • Provide specific return to work capabilities

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